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Jackets & Pants
Sides in/out
Sides Through Blades
Sides Through Blades and Vents
Center in/out
Add Functional Buttonholes
Move Button
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Shorten Through Shoulder
Front of Jacket
Front of Jacket Through Armhole
Shorten Jacket
Lower Collar
Shorten Collar
Reshape Armhole
Bottoms With Cuffs
Waist in/out
Seat in/out
Taper Leg
Lower Waistband
Pleat Removal
Shirts Dresses Skirts Gowns
Hem Alterations (Depend on Width of Hem and Number of Layers)
Taper Sleeves
Add Darts
Shorten Sleeves
Shorten Bottom
Hem With Lining
Waist in/out
Take in Shoulder
Shoulder With Sleeves
Change Zipper
Reweaving: Holes, Tears, Rips, Burns
Alterations Not Listed to Be Discussed With Tailor or Seamstress

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